Sleep Number Vs Tempurpedic Mattress Which Is Better 2022

Sleep Number Vs Tempurpedic Mattress: Which Is Better 2022?

When it comes to finding the perfect mattress, there are many options to choose from. Two of the most popular mattress brands are Sleep Number vs TempurPedic. Both brands offer a variety of mattresses with different features to suit different needs. So, which one is the better option?

Quick Comparison: Tempurpedic and Sleep Number

Air is used for support, and foam is used for comfort in Sleep Number mattresses. With the help of an electric pump, you may change their support and firmness by removing or adding air from the interior air compartments. Furthermore, each side of the bed has its own set of settings. On the other hand, Tempurpedic favors springs or ordinary foam for support and memory foam for comfort.

Air chambers are used in Sleep Number beds. These devices provide selective adjustment and either single or dual control, depending on the type and size. On the other hand, Tempurpedic mattresses are made of viscoelastic high-density foam, which is temperature-sensitive. This allows it to adapt to the form of the sleeper’s body and its weight and heat.

Compared to traditional innerspring mattresses, which have a more challenging difficulty reducing motion transfer between sleep partners, both of these items can help. Furthermore, both models have employed the same technology as their competition at one point in time.

Quick Comparison Tempurpedic and Sleep Number

Tempurpedic has released its air bed collection as part of its Tempur-Choice line. On the other hand, Sleep Number incorporates memory foam in their mattresses. This Memory Foam Series products include memory foam and air adjustment. Both surfaces conform to the curve of the sleeping person’s body.

Individual control options for the mattress’s level of softness or firmness are also available on Sleep Number beds. This indicates that the best firmer mattress can be adjusted, the higher the setting number. The softness is increased by selecting lower values. In addition, the memory foam design relieves pressure points and is simple to adapt to air pressure.

The Tempurpedic line of beds offers the same advantages, with the ability to alter the softness and hardness to the user’s preferences. Sleep Number’s Memory Foam Series is priced between $2,999 and $3,499 at standard retail. The Tempur-Choice series, which it competes with, ranges in price from $3,199 to $3,699.


For a more straightforward comparison, we’ve gathered all of the benefits of Tempurpedic vs. Sleep Number mattresses in one spot. Let’s start with the advantages of Tempurpedic mattresses.


  • Tempurpedic mattresses for queen size vary from $1,499 to $7,499, depending on the type.
  • The number of pressure points has been reduced.
  • Conform to the shape of the sleeper’s body to support their spine.
  • Except for the Tempur-Choice series, these models have no moving parts.
  • When the sleeper shifts positions, the system automatically adjusts.
  • Customers can choose from various Tempurpedic models, such as Cloud, Flex, and Contour.

Advantages tempurpedic vs sleep number

Sleep Number

  • The mattress for queen size vary from $999 to $4,299, depending on the type.
  • The number of pressure points has been reduced.
  • These models modify shape and comfort based on the weight of the sleeper.
  • The ability to manually adjust the hardness of these mattresses
  • It conforms to the shape of the sleeper’s body to provide spine support.
  • It offers a variety of products, including the Classic c2, c4, Memory Foam m7, Performance p5, p6, and Innovation i8, i10, among others.


In comparison to traditional innerspring mattresses, Tempurpedic and Sleep Number beds also have some considerations. For example, include air chambers that must be assembled by either the delivery person or the customer.

Additionally, puncture, malfunction of the inner firmness control structure, or even inappropriate handling can cause Number beds to fail.

On the other hand, Tempurpedic mattresses are temperature sensitive, have limited comfort levels, and are not as adaptable. The following are some other factors to consider when choosing between the two types of beds.


  • When compared to regular mattresses, they may provide a warmer sleeping environment.
  • Changes in sleeping positions have a slower effect on their morphology.
  • With time, these models may get softer.
  • They are unable to be disassembled, making transportation problematic.
  • They are not suitable for use with heated bedding.

Considerations sleep number bed vs tempurpedic

Sleep Number

  • These mattresses’ air chambers are separated from one another.
  • These models have moving parts that can break or malfunction.
  • The models can adjust their firmness with variations in barometric pressure or temperature.
  • Electricity is required for these models to function.

Who Should Buy a Tempur-Pedic Mattress?

When it comes to…

  • Heavy-framed combination sleepers
  • Those seeking hybrid choices
  • Those looking for white-glove delivery at a cheaper cost

It Mightn’t Be the Best Option For…

  • Those who sleep hot
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • To understand more, read our whole Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review.

Who Should Buy a Tempur-Pedic Mattress

Who Should Buy a Sleep Number Mattress?

When it comes to…

  • People who desire to be able to sleep in a variety of ways.
  • People who are willing to pay a premium for comfort
  • Hot sleepers who sleep on their backs or sides

It Mightn’t Be the Best Option For…

  • Memory foam mattresses are preferred by those who like to sleep on their backs.
  • Couples who sleep in close quarters

Who Should Buy a Sleep Number Mattress

Comparisons of Sizes and Prices

Returns and Shipping

There are a few key distinctions between Tempur-Pedic and Sleep Number mattresses when it comes to shipping and returns. The shipping charge for Tempur-Pedic beds is $25, which includes white-glove delivery. You can also request the removal of your old mattress, which is included in the shipping cost.

For $89.99, you can choose basic shipping, or for $199, you can get white-glove delivery. If you select the white-glove delivery option, your old mattress will be removed at no additional charge. Customers are responsible for return shipping expenses with both mattress companies.

Additional Models Are Available

Tempur-Pedic also has a series of hybrid mattresses with coils for added support. The main distinction between memory foam and hybrid mattresses is that the latter is better for heavier sleepers who desire a higher level of firmness, more bounce, or just more overall support.

There are three types of Sleep Number beds: Classic, Performance, and Innovation. The Classic features SleepIQ and Responsive Air technology, while the Performance takes it a step further by providing additional pressure point relief.

The Innovation series also includes a temperature-regulating sleep surface that absorbs heat and keeps you cool all night.

tempurpedic mattress vs sleep number Comparisons of Sizes and Prices

Things to Think About When Choosing a Mattress

Firmness /Feel

Sleep Numbers may be adjusted to various firmness levels. However, most individuals prefer the medium firmness range. The comfort foam layer and the mattress’s air chambers make it ideal for hot sleepers who prefer to sleep on their sides and backs.

Isolation of Motion

Because of the motion transfer, couples who share a bed find it aggravating when their partner tosses and turns. Memory foam-infused Tempur-Pedic beds are noted for their motion isolation, which means minor disturbance for sleeping couples.

Sleep Number beds are among the best mattresses for couples because they allow users to customize their hardness on each side with two independent mattresses, resulting in minimal motion transfer.

Edge Support is a vital consideration for persons who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Tempur-Pedic beds with spring coils provide significantly more spring and edge support than their pure memory foam competitors.

The edge support of Sleep Number mattresses varies based on the level of inflation in the air chambers, although beds with thicker top layers have less good edge support.

Pressure Reduction

Tempur-Pedic mattresses with memory foam composition offer superior contouring properties, which means less pressure point pain and more pressure alleviation. Although more enormous comfort layers on Number beds have provided outstanding responsiveness and pressure point relief, Tempur-Pedic is ultimately the better option.

Tempur-Pedic mattresses’ responsiveness supports good spine alignment, which means reduced stress on pressure points and a better night’s sleep.

The variable firmness of the Sleep Number mattress allows for ideal spine alignment. Other beds designed to protect the spine and hips in numerous positions may be found on our lists of the best mattress for stomach sleepers and the best topper mattress for back sleepers.


Both mattresses have lengthy warranties, but Sleep Number’s 25-year warranty outlasts Tempur-10-year Pedic’s guarantee. The specialist memory foam utilized in the Tempur-Pedic structure protects your mattress from sinking over time, while the adjustability of the Sleep Number mattress provides for enhanced longevity.

The embedded spring coils of the Tempur-hybrid Pedic’s option are suitable for heavier sleepers, preventing sagging in the long run.

Memory foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic provide fantastic comfort, but they can also make sleepers feel encased in the material, making it harder to stay cool during the night. The structure of the Number mattress, which incorporates a layer of air chambers, makes it a better choice for hot sleepers.


What is the difference between Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic?

The most significant distinction between these two brands is the type of mattress. The Number mattresses are adjustable air mattresses, while Tempur-Pedic mattresses are foam or hybrid. Air mattresses that can be adjusted are a fantastic alternative for almost any sleeping style.

What is the difference between Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic

What is the average lifespan of a Sleep Number mattress?

A Performance series mattress is expected to last seven to eight years, slightly less than usual for airbed types. The two most prevalent problems are foam deterioration and leaky chambers.

How long do Tempur-Pedic mattresses last?

A higher-quality, more expensive TempurPedic Mattress will typically last 8-10 years, while a lower-quality TempurPedic Mattress will last 5-8 years. The average lifespan of a TempurPedic Mattress is roughly six years before it needs to be replaced.

Want to know the time to use the mattress, see our guide: How Long Does A Mattress Last?

Is it possible to use a Tempur-Pedic mattress on a Sleep Number foundation?

They’re also some of the best motion-transfer mattresses on the market. While Tempur-Pedic mattresses are designed to be used with adjustable bases, unlike a Number Bed, the mattress itself cannot be altered.



Whether you are shopping for a new mattress or looking to upgrade your current one, it’s important to compare features between Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic. You want to find a mattress to help you achieve better sleep at night. Read through this comparison if you’re on the hunt for a new bed. Repopny hopes you can make an informed decision.

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