Best Firm Mattress 2022 Top Brand Review

Best Firm Mattress 2022: Top Brand Review

Are you looking for a firm mattress? You’re in luck! We’ve rounded up the best firm mattress on the market so that you can find the perfect one for you.

Whether you’re looking for an innerspring mattress, a memory foam mattress, or something else, we’ve covered you. Keep reading to find the best firm mattress for you.

Top Rated 12 Best Firm Mattresses

Plank Luxe Hybrid


  • For an extra price, a cooling panel is available.
  • Firm and extremely firm sensations in a flippable design
  • Sizes for short queen mattresses and RVs are available.

The Plank Luxe Hybrid features a flippable design that offers two contrasting textures. This is a good option for sleepers who desire a firm mattress but aren’t sure what firmness they require.

The mattress is encased in a breathable cotton-microfiber blend cover. A phase change material cooling panel is offered as an add-on for a charge. The panel is sewed into the surface and is designed to collect and remove excess body heat. The thickness of the top layer changes depending on which side of the mattress you choose. The cover on the firm (7) side is 1.5 inches wide, while the extremely firm (9) side is.75 inches wide.

An additional layer of proprietary TitanFlex foam gently adapts to the body on the firm side. A high-density polyfoam comfort layer is used on both sides to distribute weight appropriately. The common pocketed coil support core adds to the design’s stability.

The mattress worked best for people who slept on their backs or stomachs and weighed more than 230 pounds. The Plank Luxe Hybrid is a good choice for people who weigh at least 130 pounds and prefer a firm mattress. The coil support core of the mattress gives it the bounce that many couples enjoy during sex. Hot sleepers will find that the standard mattress cover does not retain much heat, but they may wish to consider the cooling panel for better temperature control.

Brooklyn Bedding comes in various sizes, including short queen and RV beds, and the company offers free shipping to consumers in the contiguous United States. Plank Luxe Hybrid sales come with a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

“For sleepers who are unsure of their firmness demands, the Plank Luxe Hybrid includes a flippable construction. The mattress was extremely supportive for our testers who weighed more than 230 pounds.”

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Firmer WinkBed


  • The plush Euro-top cushioning gives superb support.
  • The coil system provides flexible support.
  • Guaranteed for life

The Firmer WinkBed is a hybrid mattress with a flexible construction that should work for various sleepers. The bed is suitable for persons with back trouble who require extra support to sleep peacefully. It features a sturdy coil system and comfort layers that conform evenly.

The bed starts with a plush Euro-top quilted with two layers of gel-infused polyfoam and has a firm (7) feel. A layer of SupportCell polyfoam, which has an above-average stiffness compared to normal polyfoam, sits beneath. This layer provides stability while yet allowing for some contouring. Zoned pocketed coils make up the support core.

Because the springs are individually wrapped, they respond better to the body, reducing motion isolation. A Tencel cover encases the mattress’s surface, which is cool to the touch.

While the WinkBed’s coils are an essential design feature, the mattress also uses its comfort layer materials. The dense and firm foams provide a moderate amount of contouring, just enough to keep the spine upright without softening the bed. Because of the zoned coil structure, the WinkBed offers exceptional edge support.

The coils provide a lot of bounce, making it simple to move about on the mattress, even during intimate activities. The bed should be comfortable for many sleepers, but it is particularly well suited for back and stomach sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds.

The WinkBed comes with a 120-night sleep trial, allowing users to test it out in their bedrooms for a prolonged length of time. The company backs up its product’s durability by providing a lifetime warranty covering flaws in materials and quality.

Nolah Evolution 15


  • There are three levels of stiffness.
  • Heat accumulation is limited by a proprietary cooling cover and ventilated coil support core.
  • Zoned coils strengthen the edges and give focused support.

The Nolah Evolution 15 is a high-profile hybrid mattress that is available in three different firmness levels: medium (5), medium-firm (6), and firm (8). All three, especially the firmer variants, provide a comfortable sleeping surface by combining pressure-relieving foam with supportive coils.

The Evolution starts with a polyfoam-quilted Euro-top, which provides the surface a luxurious feel right away. A layer of graphite-infused polyfoam follows, which conforms to the body and relieves pressure points. The graphite infusion is designed to transmit and dissipate heat away from the surface.

A polyfoam transitional layer provides cushioning between the foam layers and the coils. This layer keeps the spine aligned by preventing excessive sinkage and appropriately distributing weight.

Pocketed coils in zones provide targeted support for the stomach and shoulders, minimizing sagging. Coils are also used to reinforce the perimeter. A recycled plant fiber foundation layer supports the coil support core.

The mattress is encased in ArcticTex fabric, designed to decrease heat buildup. The bottom portion of the cover incorporates handles for convenient movement.

With three firmness settings, the mattress is suitable for many sleepers. The medium-firm or firm models may prefer those who desire a firmer alternative. The medium-firm cushioning is appropriate for side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds and back sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds.

The most robust option’s even slept surface may appeal to back sleepers weighing at least 130 pounds and stomach sleepers weighing over 230 pounds.

According to our testing team, the Evolution was an excellent pick for couples and hot sleepers. Thanks to its responsive coil support core, the mattress gives bounce, which many people enjoy for sex.

The coil-reinforced perimeter allows couples to sleep and sit closer to the edges without slipping off, and the resilient feel allows for smooth mobility around the mattress. For hot sleepers, airflow via the coil support core, cooling infusions, and the cooling fabric cover aid in temperature regulation.

Customers in the contiguous United States receive free shipping from Nolah. Customers can return a mattress after a 30-night break-in period under the company’s 120-night sleep trial. Customers can also opt-out of the sleep trial for a discount at the checkout. A generous lifetime warranty is included with all Evolution 15 sales.

“As a back sleeper who enjoys a firmer mattress, I found the Nolah Evolution 15, especially the firm (8) feel, to be comfortable. The foam layers also do a great job of isolating movements. “I didn’t even notice my spouse move.”



  • Features include a flippable design with firm and extra firm settings.
  • One of the firmest mattresses on the market
  • optional cooling top panel that helps regulate temperature.

The Plank Mattress, created and constructed by Brooklyn Bedding’s proven team, is like a dream come true for consumers who seek a firm mattress. Customers can pick between a firm and extra firm sensation because the mattress is flippable.

There are four layers to the Plank. The top layer is.75 inches of fiberfill quilted into the cover when used on the Firm side. The next layer is 2 inches of TitanFlex, a latex-like polyfoam with good conformability and bounce.

The support core, 7 inches of high-density polyfoam, is the next layer. 1.5 inches of fiberfill is quilted into the cover as the final layer.

Although the Plank’s materials offer little heat retention, the mattress can be ordered with an optional cooling top layer that includes a phase change material (PCM). The PCM maintains a constant temperature throughout the night by dispersing or retaining heat.

The Plank’s reversible firmness design is a significant selling factor for consumers who know they prefer a firmer feel but want flexibility in how hard their mattress feels. It also has above-average edge support and is simple to maneuver on top of.

The Plank is backed by a 120-night sleep trial from Brooklyn Bedding, which allows you to try out the mattress in the comfort of your own home. According to the firm, a 10-year limited guarantee covers flaws in materials and workmanship.

“As the name implies, the Plank isn’t a wimp when it comes to stiffness. This model is ideal for persons who weigh more than 230 pounds or who have trouble finding a firm enough mattress.”

DreamCloud Mattress


  • A medium-firm feel is a versatile option for a wide range of sleep preferences.
  • A fantastic 365-night sleep trial is available.
  • Plushness is provided by the quilted cover, which prevents excessive body sink.

The DreamCloud is a fantastic medium firm (6) mattress with a quilted cover and a substantial profile that suits most sleepers. The quilted cover and memory foam comfort layer offer this bed a velvety sensation on top while still maintaining its sturdiness.

A cashmere poly-blend cover and foam padding make up the quilted top. This creates a soft, airy feel at the top of the mattress, while the below layers are supportive and solid. A layer of gel-infused memory foam sits beneath this, providing further pressure relief and trapping less body heat than traditional memory foam.

The bed is then supported by a polyfoam transition layer and an individually wrapped coil support core, which generates ‘bounce’ and makes it easier to move around.

The DreamCloud can accommodate just about any sleeper type, except side sleepers under 130 pounds, thanks to its medium-firm feel and numerous supportive layers.

The DreamCloud doesn’t trap too much body heat and keeps people cool throughout the night because most of the mattress is made up of a breathable coil support core. It also does well in pressure relief, edge support, and mobility, making it a versatile, all-around good-performing mattress.

The DreamCloud is a good value for a hybrid mattress, especially considering its high profile and high-quality materials. They provide a fantastic guarantee, including a one-year sleep trial and a lifetime limited warranty.

“We believe the DreamCloud reaches the sweet spot for most sleepers who weigh more than 130 pounds, especially side sleepers, who will benefit the most from the velvety quilted top.”

Saatva Classic


  • There are three stiffness levels to choose from.
  • A lumbar pad made of memory foam relieves pressure in the lower back.
  • The coil-on-coil arrangement provides firm support.

The Saatva mattress is a popular choice for stomach and back sleepers because of its enticing combination of firmness and pressure point relief. Its hybrid coil-on-coil design ensures exceptional performance and longevity. The Saatva is a good option for those wanting to spend extra money on high-quality materials.

The foam layers of the Saatva Classic are enclosed in a Euro-style pillow-top. A memory foam lumbar pad is one of these, and it can help relieve pressure in the lower back, which is a separate issue region for stomach and back sleepers.

Firm polyfoam layers complete the Saatva’s comfort system, adding comfort without compromising firmness. A transitional layer of pocketed micro-coils provides extra support and bounce.

A layer of 13 gauge Bonnell coils serves as the Saatva’s support core. The coils are 4 inches tall in the 11.5-inch model and 7 inches tall in the 14.5-inch model. The mattress’s edges are bolstered with a high-density polyfoam encasement, which provides a firm, secure foundation.

The revolutionary design of the Saatva Classic combines the outstanding support of a traditional innerspring mattress with the contouring and pressure relief of a foam hybrid mattress.

Back and stomach sleepers, persons over 230 pounds, and other sleepers who require extra support from their mattress should all be delighted with this mattress if they choose one of the firmer feels. Those who need additional cushioning from their sleeping surface should choose the soft option.

Because both coil layers provide consistent air circulation and the cover is composed of breathable organic cotton, the Saatva Classic has another necessary strength: temperature management. Because of the ultra-supportive design, sleepers benefit from less sinkage and increased surface ventilation.

After you’ve placed your order, Saatva will work with you to arrange for complimentary White Glove delivery, which includes installing the Saatva and removing your old mattress. You then have 180 nights to try it out before returning it for a refund minus a $99 return pickup fee. To address any potential flaws, the mattress comes with a 15-year warranty.

“The Saatva’s coil-on-coil design is solid where it counts, but thanks to its Euro-Top, it still has some cushion.” During our durability testing, the high-quality build beat out a lot of the competitors.”

Helix Twilight


  • The perimeter is lined with pocketed coils for added edge support.
  • Memory foam comfort layer that relieves pressure
  • Shipping is free in all 50 states.

Many firm mattresses lack the pressure alleviation that many side sleepers require. Compared to other firm mattresses, the Helix Twilight performs above-average for side sleepers thanks to its memory foam comfort layer.

The mattress is encased in a patented Soft Touch Design fabric cover to promote airflow. A layer of pressure-relieving memory foam follows, followed by a polyfoam transition layer. The latter acts as a cushion between the comfort layer and the support core, distributing body weight evenly.

The support core comprises pocketed coils that provide tailored support for the hips and shoulders. The coils are grouped around the perimeter for further help when getting in and out of bed. The mattress is stabilized and prevented from shifting by a high-density polyfoam foundation layer.

The mattress is best for side and back sleepers who weigh at least 130 pounds. The coil support core should give the bounce that many people love for sex, while the memory foam comfort layer should absorb noise.

Thanks to the strengthened perimeter, co-sleepers can lie closer to the edge without fear of slipping off. Sleepers who require additional assistance getting out of bed may welcome the added edge support.

All 50 states are covered under Helix’s free shipping policy. Twilight mattresses back a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty against structural flaws.

“Compared to comparable firm mattresses, our side-sleeping testers weighing over 230 pounds found the Helix Twilight to be pleasant. Our testers who needed assistance getting out of bed benefited from the reinforced perimeter.”

Bear Elite Hybrid


  • The zoned comfort system relieves pressure on the hips and shoulders.
  • Heat retention is avoided thanks to aerated foams and a ventilated support core.
  • A 120-night sleep trial is available, as well as a lifetime warranty.

Foam-layered mattresses gradually adapt to the body, which might result in heat retention. Internal airflow is facilitated by an aerated polyfoam layer and a breathable coil support core of the Bear Elite Hybrid, which keeps hot sleepers cool. The mattress is available in three hardness levels: medium (five), medium-firm (six), and firm (ten) (8).

The mattress is encased in a quilted Celliant and polyester blend covered with phase change material (PCM), giving it a comfortable and relaxed sensation.

A layer of the copper-infused memory foam lies beneath, carefully contouring the body to relieve pressure. The copper infusion is designed to transfer heat away from the body to regulate temperature.

The next layer is a zoned and aerated polyfoam layer that relieves pressure on the hips and shoulders while supporting the lower back. The support core comprises pocketed coils, preventing drooping and keeping the body on an even plane. The coils are supported by a polyfoam foundation layer that helps to keep the mattress stable.

The mattress’ two firmer versions are great for side and back sleepers, with different results depending on weight. Side sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds will benefit from the medium-firm model.

Side sleepers may prefer the firmest option over 230 and back sleepers weighing at least 130 pounds. Those looking for a softer mattress should choose the medium feel best for side and back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds.

Edge support is a strength of both the medium-firm and firm models. The perimeter of the mattress is bolstered by the coil support core, allowing sleepers to lie closer to the edges without rolling toward the center or slipping off.

This feature is handy for co-sleepers and individuals who have difficulty getting in and out of bed. Compared to other firm choices, these models also received good pressure relief ratings. The zonal comfort technology relieves pressure spots while maintaining the hard firmness that many people prefer.

Customers in the contiguous United States can get free shipping and a 120-night sleep trial from Bear. After the 30-night break-in period, customers can return mattresses at any time. A lifetime warranty covers purchases of Elite Hybrids against structural flaws.

“For hot sleepers who prefer the intimate “body embrace” of foam, the Bear Elite Hybrid is a terrific alternative. This mattress effectively relieves pressure spots while preserving a comfortable temperature.”

GhostBed Classic


  • Contouring memory foam and responsive latex create a balanced comfort system.
  • Internal airflow is consistent, and the cover is breathable.
  • Each purchase includes two complementary pillows.

The GhostBed Classic is a medium-firm (6) mattress that relieves pressure, keeps you cool, and doesn’t sink too much when you move. Couples will appreciate the mattress’s excellent motion isolation. Although latex does not absorb as much movement as memory foam, there should be minimal movement transfer when you or your partner changes positions or gets in and out of bed.

The latex layer is ventilated to allow air to circulate near the surface, and the memory foam is injected with cooling gel to reduce heat absorption, making sleepers feel hot.

The mattress is supported and stabilized by a high-density polyfoam support core. The GhostBed Classic’s above-average temperature management is aided by the cover constructed of a breathable viscose and polyester blend.

After evaluating it, we discovered that this mattress is best suited to side and back sleepers, especially those weighing up to 230 pounds.

Side sleepers will benefit from the latex and memory foam layers, which provide ample cushioning to enhance alignment and relieve pressure spots. At the same time, back sleepers will be able to recline comfortably without sinking too much around the lower back and hips.

The mattress is reasonably priced, and all customers receive two free GhostPillows with their purchase. For orders within the contiguous United States, shipping is free. The Classic comes with a 101-night trial and a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee from GhostBed.

“The GhostBed’s latex comfort layer is the show-stopper. It improves the surface’s resilience and responsiveness while preserving pressure relief. This one will benefit side and back sleepers the most.”

Casper Wave Hybrid


  • Pressure is relieved with a foam and latex comfort system that promotes spinal alignment.
  • The exclusive cooling system is aimed at reducing heat accumulation.
  • Edge support is improved by foam encasement.

One of the most prevalent causes of back discomfort is an unsupportive mattress that does not align the body. The Casper Wave Hybrid addresses this problem by combining a blended foam and latex comfort system with a coil support core to create a pleasant and responsive mattress. This combination eliminates lower back pain while keeping the body in a straight line.

The initial comfort layer is constructed of perforated Airscape polyfoam treated with cooling gel and molds to the body to relieve pressure. The microscopic perforations let air move freely, while the gel absorbs and dissipates excess body heat.

The latex foam layer follows, which is inherently responsive and breathable. This layer provides soft cradling without excessive heat retention or sinkage. In the third layer, zoned memory foam relieves strain on the hips and shoulders, prone to pressure building.

The last comfort layer is Airscape polyfoam with gel pods, which cushion the comfort system and the coils. Pocketed coils in the core provide strategic support to the shoulders and midsection, preventing unwanted sagging.

The edges are reinforced with a foam perimeter encasement. A breathable blend of recycled polyester, upcycled cotton, rayon, and lycra is used to cover the mattress.

With a medium (5) feel, the Wave Hybrid is an attractive choice for sleepers who experience unpleasant pressure building. According to our research, the mid-range feel is optimal for side sleepers weighing 130 to 230 pounds and back sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds.

While uniformly distributing weight to encourage spinal alignment, the foam and latex comfort system treats pressure spots in the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

The mattress performed admirably in motion isolation and temperature regulation during our tests. Most movement is absorbed by the thick comfort system, which prevents it from traveling over the mattress.

Because the mattress is so good at absorbing noise, sleepers easily bothered by their spouse changing positions should have minimal problems sleeping. The mattress regulates temperature well thanks to the porous support core, aerated foams, and cooling infusions.

Wave Hybrid sales come with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty for consumers in the contiguous United States.

“The Casper Wave Hybrid provided focused relief to our testers with chronic joint and back pain. The mattress’ outstanding motion isolation qualities should particularly appeal to couples.”

Birch Mattress


  • Talalay latex also has the advantage of being extremely durable. As a result, the Birch will continue to be strong and supportive for many years to come.
  • Back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and anybody else searching for extra support from their mattress would love this mattress.
  • The mattress comes with an optional pillow-top if you like something slightly softer.

The Birch is a latex hybrid mattress designed by Helix that uses eco-friendly materials, including Talalay latex and organic cotton and individually wrapped coils.

It is naturally cool because of the construction, so you won’t have to sweat while sleeping. One of the firmer mattresses we’ve tried is the Birch. The Talalay latex is a solid substance with little give that provides a massive amount of support when combined with the coils.

Layla Mattress


  • Back sleepers may find both the soft and firm sides of the mattress comfortable.
  • The mattress’s cover contains cooling Thermogel, and the memory foam has copper infusions, making it a fantastic choice for overheated sleepers.
  • It’s a terrific bed for couples because the foam isolates motion well. You’re unlikely to be aware of your partner’s movements at night.

While firm mattresses are ideal for stomach and back sleepers, they aren’t always the best option for side sleepers. The Layla, on the other hand, has both a soft and a firm side. This mattress has two firmnesses in one! Side sleepers should be most at ease on the softer side, with just enough pressure relief on their shoulders and hips.

A thin layer of copper-infused memory foam stretches across more supporting layers on the firm side. This provides comfort to stomach sleepers without allowing them to sink too deeply.

Awara Mattress


  • Dunlop latex is an all-natural, organic, and eco-friendly material that contains no toxic chemicals.
  • It should be a comfortable choice for both back and stomach sleepers. It won’t sag too much and should be able to support more oversized loads.
  • The latex is incredibly breathable, and the coils provide ample ventilation. It’s a fantastic choice for hot sleepers because of this.

The Awara mattress is a latex hybrid made with various high-end materials, including organic New Zealand wool, rich organic cotton, and a plush tufted cover. But it’s the Dunlop latex that steals the show. Thanks to its 4′′ thickness and a support layer of pocketed coils, the Awara is highly dense and firm. On our mattress firmness scale, it scored an 8 out of 10.

Cocoon Chill Mattress


  • Its firmness makes it an excellent choice for stomach sleepers.
  • Thanks to the mattress’s substantial edge support, you can still feel supported near the end of the bed.
  • The Cocoon Chill mattress is a fantastic bargain. With reductions, a Queen-size Chill costs less than $1,000.

The Cocoon Chill is a memory foam mattress with Phase Change Material, an outstanding cooling material. The top of the bed feels cool to the touch as a result of this! While it is a memory foam mattress, it is not the most luxurious. You’ll taste memory foam by lying on top of the bed, but you won’t sink in too deeply.

Why You Can Trust Us

Our experts give every mattress we test a firmness rating. We utilize a ten-point scale that ranges from one (softest) to ten (most challenging) (firmest). We only looked at models with a firmness of 6 (medium-firm) or higher for our top firm mattress recommendations.

These include mattresses that are specifically engineered to have a better sensation and flippable models having at least one firm surface and mattresses that are available in various firmness levels.

Why You Can Trust Us Best Firm Mattresses

How Did We Assess These Mattresses?

We examined dozens of mattresses before deciding on the types that cut. Because our testers were divided into groups based on their weight and predominant sleeping position, our findings should apply to most sleepers, independent of their individual needs and preferences.

We concentrated on defining characteristics of firm mattresses for this list, such as surface feel and overall support. We also considered pricing when making recommendations for budget-conscious buyers.

How Did We Assess These Mattresses

Check out our product study approach to discover more about the criteria we used to assess and rate firm mattresses:

Motion Isolation: This criterion refers to how well a mattress absorbs and prevents movement from spreading across the surface. Couples and other persons who share their bed with someone else are most concerned with motion isolation, as transfer might create sleep disruptions.

Temperature Control: The ability of a mattress to resist overheating and maintain a comfortable sleep surface temperature is measured. Components with active cooling technology or layers that passively increase airflow and breathability may help mattresses sleep cool.

Pressure Relief: Many people experience pressure buildup in their shoulders and hips while sleeping. By cushioning the stomach and maintaining the sleeper’s body on an even plane, mattresses help reduce this discomfort and prevent new pressure points from emerging.

Off-Gassing: New mattresses, especially foam and other synthetic components, are prone to off-gassing odors. These odors usually go away within a day or two, but mattresses with more persistent off-gassing can cause sleep disturbances.

Ease of Movement: A mattress with bounce and pushback is simpler to move about on than one that sinks under your weight. Although most firm mattresses allow easy mobility, specific models perform better than others.

Edge support: When you sleep close to the edges or get in and out of bed, mattresses with strong perimeter support feel relatively solid. Most firm mattresses, especially those with mid-range profiles, perform well in this category.

Sex: While tastes differ, most people prefer a responsive sex surface that allows easy movement and provides strong edge support. This requirement also requires cooling and temperature control.

Body Weight: We’ve discovered a strong relationship between body weight and preferred firmness level during our mattress testing. Firm mattresses are most comfortable for persons who weigh at least 130 pounds and sleep predominantly on their back or stomach.

Who Should Get A Firm Mattress?

Because comfort is a personal preference, there are no hard and fast guidelines concerning who should buy a firm mattress. Every sleeper should select the mattress best suited to their requirements and tastes. However, there are some broad trends regarding who benefits the most from a firm bed.

Bodyweight and primary sleeping position are two significant elements that influence the appropriate firmness level. A firmer mattress is preferred by people who weigh more than 230 pounds because it prevents them from sinking too far into the bed, affecting spinal alignment and inducing overheating.

Who Should Get A Firm Mattress

Back and stomach sleepers, in particular, require a firmer feel to prevent their abdominal and lumbar region from hyperextending, which can cause lower back pain.

While there are exceptions, the table below illustrates the best mattress firmness level for a person’s weight and primary sleeping position.

Sleeping Positions

The appropriate mattress firmness is directly linked to a person’s preferred sleeping position.

Side sleepers may find it difficult to sleep on an overly firm mattress since it might cause discomfort at crucial pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders. This is especially true for those who weigh less than 130 pounds.

Back sleepers benefit from a firmer mattress because it prevents their stomach from drooping into a U-shape, which causes lower back strain.

Stomach sleepers have comparable support requirements as back sleepers, although they often choose a firmer bed to avoid feeling suffocated or swallowed by their mattress.

If you’re a combination sleeper, you’ll prefer a firm mattress if you spend more time on your back or stomach during the night. A better bed can also help you avoid becoming caught in your mattress, making it easier to change positions throughout the night.

Type of Body

Body type and weight impact how a person feels on a mattress and should be considered when selecting a firm mattress.

Because a person’s weight exerts more pressure on a mattress, heavier individuals will sink deeper into any particular bed. This means that persons under 130 pounds will find a firm mattress extremely hard, while those over 230 pounds will be just right. A person’s desire for a firm mattress tends to grow as their weight increases.

How To Find A Firm Mattress On The Internet

It is both convenient and cost-effective to purchase a firm mattress online. Finding a decent mattress is easier than ever before, thanks to a wide choice of alternatives and the flexibility to buy from the comfort of your own home at your leisure.

It may seem strange to purchase a firm mattress without first experiencing it in person to determine its firmness. As a result, internet mattress retailers provide substantial return policies referred to as sleep trials.

This allows you to utilize the mattress for a specific time, usually 100 nights or more, with no hassles. The sleep trial will enable you to experience the bed in the comfort of your own home, giving you a far better idea of whether it will suit your needs.

It’s simple to discover great bargains on mattresses online because there are fewer overhead costs than brick-and-mortar establishments. Mattress companies routinely conduct promotions, and third-party websites frequently provide discounts or coupon codes to assist you in obtaining the best deal

How To Find A Firm Mattress On The Internet

Thanks to the compression process, online sellers can send their “mattress in a box” for free. Therefore delivery is nearly always included in the purchase price. Installation is sometimes included in the price or available for a fee.

Ordering is as simple as a few clicks, and you may pay with a credit card or PayPal (on some sites) to complete your transaction. Some retailers even provide financing options.

Important Mattress Factors To Consider

It isn’t easy to know where to start when looking for a new mattress. Complex marketing strategies can divert attention away from the most crucial factors, and it’s easy to become lost in the weeds as a buyer. Keep your attention on the aspects that are most likely to influence your level of satisfaction with your purchase.

Mattress Type and Materials: One of the most critical aspects influencing a mattress’s performance and durability is its composition. Each style has advantages and disadvantages, and determining which type is most appealing to you will help you reduce the field for better comparison shopping. In the section below, you may learn more about mattress types.

Price: Given how important your mattress is for getting a good night’s sleep, it’s a product worth investing in. However, you must work within your budget, so one crucial element is how much you can afford to spend on a new mattress and any related accessories (such as a new bed frame, sheets, or pillows).

Motion isolation: If you share a mattress, proper motion isolation can lessen the likelihood of being awoken by activity on the other side of the bed. Firmer mattresses with minor contouring tend to transfer more motion, but the interior materials can significantly impact how much noise you’ll hear.

Important Mattress Factors To Consider

Pressure Relief: A firm mattress can nevertheless give pressure relief by providing appropriate padding for pressure spots. A small amount of giving, especially when suited to the body’s weight, can help with good spinal alignment.

Ease of Movement / Sex: Some mattresses make moving around on the surface simpler, which is crucial for anyone who wishes to alter their sleeping position or engage in intimate activities without difficulty. The most bounce is found in hybrid and latex mattresses, which helps with movement.

Edge Support: You want your firm mattress to feel the same across the bed to make the most of the entire surface area. Firm edge support also allows you to sit on the bed’s edge without feeling as though it’s crumbling beneath you.

Temperature Neutrality: A mattress that retains heat will cause you to sweat, resulting in a lack of sleep. If you tend to sleep overheated, search for a bed with heat-wicking materials.

Types Of Firm Mattresses

If you’re not sure how to limit your options, concentrating on the different types of mattresses is an excellent place to start.

Each mattress category has some design and performance features in common, but there are variances. The type of mattress can give you an idea of how it will feel, but the best way to find out is to look into the specifics of each brand and model.


Definition: Hybrid mattresses are made up of two distinct parts. The support core, which comprises innerspring coils, is the bottom component. The top is the comfort system, and it’s constructed of foam, latex, micro-coils, wool, cotton, and polyester, among other things.

More Than Just Firm: Most hybrids have a more substantial feel and better edge support because of a robust coil foundation, but the comfort system adds to the package. Comfort layers, for example, can help with pressure alleviation and motion isolation.


Definition: An innerspring comprises only one main component, the innerspring support core. An innerspring, unlike a hybrid, has minimal materials on top of the coils. Although a bit of foam or fiberfill may be included, it is usually insufficient to alter the overall feel significantly.

Reliably firm: Innersprings have a firm to extra stiff feel because of the lack of a developed comfort system. While most innerspring lack pressure relief and motion isolation, they are consistently firm.


Definition: Latex is a rubber material that can be extracted from tree sap or manufactured chemically. A latex mattress is created with solely latex internal layers, and the latex used in mattresses is usually natural rather than synthetic.

Pronounced bounce: Latex can be created to be varying levels of softness, but it is almost always durable and bouncy. A firm latex mattress allows you to move about quickly in bed while still providing minor pressure relief.


Definition: The support core of an airbed is a chamber of air that may be expanded or deflated to vary firmness. A smartphone or remote controls the air pressure. One or more layers may be added atop the support core to build a comfort layer.

Control Firmness with a Button: An airbed offers any mattress type the most control and flexibility. An airbed allows you to adjust the hardness of your bed at the touch of a button, allowing you to find your optimal firmness level.


Definition: Memory foam, polyfoam, fiberfill, or latex are used in all layers of a foam mattress. The support core is usually made of high-density polyfoam, and the comfort system comprises one or more layers above it.

Additional Pressure Relief: Memory foam, in particular, can embrace the body by contracting in response to the amount of weight placed on it. Even in a firm mattress, this improves pressure relief, especially beneficial for side sleepers.

Accessorize Your Firm Mattress with These Add-Ons

The first step in getting your bed set up to fit your needs properly is to get a firm mattress. However, after you have your mattress, it’s worth considering a few items to make your bed more comfortable.


The perfect pillows will assist in keeping your neck supported and aligned with the rest of your spine. The pillow won’t sink as deep into a firmer mattress, so you’ll notice more of the pillow’s loft. Pillows consisting of feathers, down, polyester, shredded foam, or latex provide you greater control over how the pillow fits beneath your head, which is a significant bonus for side sleepers.

Back and stomach sleepers require lower-loft pillows. Therefore thin pillows or versions with a zippered cover that allows you to remove the filling are an intelligent choice.

The loft of a cushion constructed of one piece of foam or latex is more stable. These pillows can be used on a firm surface as long as the attic chooses the head and neck support requirements.

Mattress Protectors

A topper can be a quick answer if you desire a firmer feel but don’t want to spend the money on a new mattress. A topper usually is one to three inches thick and sits on top of your existing bed and under your sheets. Foam, latex, fiberfill, wool, or down can all be used.

Accessorize Your Firm Mattress with These Add-Ons

A topper is a convenient way to modify the firmness of your mattress, but it isn’t as long-lasting or dependable as a new mattress. Furthermore, if your current mattress is sagging or showing signs of wear, any topper placed on top of it will perform poorly. As a result, a topper is best used when you’re on a tight budget or only require a tiny or temporary change.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Is it true that a firmer mattress is better for your back?

A firm mattress may be excellent for one sleeper’s back, but it may cause pressure points in others. The type of sleeper and weight play a significant role in whether or not a firm mattress is helpful for your back.

In general, the ideal mattress for your back provides even support to your spine. The amount of support required varies depending on your weight and sleeping position.

Back and stomach sleepers benefit from a firmer mattress, especially those who weigh more than 130 pounds. These people may feel sinking into the center of a too-soft mattress, causing an uncomfortable bend in the spine. Some side sleepers and those who weigh less than 130 pounds may experience pressure building if their bed is tough.

It would help if you thought about the mattress’s construction, weight, and sleeping style when choosing the ideal mattress for your back. Using a mattress sleep trial to discover whether or not the firmness level is good for you is an excellent method to save money.

What are the firmest mattress types?

Innerspring or latex models, rather than all-foam or hybrid ones, should be considered by people who want to sleep ‘on’ rather than ‘in’ their firm mattress. Firmness can be found in any mattress, although mattresses without pressure-relieving comfort systems tend to feel firmer than those that do.

Pressure relief and hardness are not synonymous, and a mattress that cradles the body beneath the comfort layers might be strong enough to accommodate persons who want a firm or even extra-firm bed.

Pressure-relieving foam comfort systems are standard in the latter two types, making them feel softer subjectively. If an innerspring bed has one, it usually has a thin comfort layer, but latex is naturally bouncy and more robust than synthetic foams.

Which firm mattress is the best?

The finest firm mattress meets all of your sleeping needs while also offering adequate support. Knowing that you prefer a firm mattress is the first step toward finding the ideal bed, but you’ll need to ask yourself some other questions.

Your chosen sleeping position is crucial since it will decide how much pressure relief and support you require. On a firm mattress with minimal pressure relief, side sleepers, for example, can develop pressure spots, aches, and pains. People who sleep on their backs, on the other hand, require minor pressure relief but may benefit from ergonomic zoning for further pelvic support.

FAQs Best Firm Mattress

Are firm mattresses better for back pain sufferers?

A mattress that is too soft can cause or worsen back pain, while a too hard mattress can also cause or worsen back pain. People with back discomfort should discover what mattress firmness is ideal for their body type and preferred sleep position rather than focusing on buying an extra-firm mattress.

If your mattress is too soft, your spine will be out of alignment, but a mattress that is too hard might compress your joints and straighten the natural curve of your spine.

Is mattress firmness and mattress support the same thing?

When purchasing a mattress, firmness and support are linked but distinct variables. Mattresses that are excessively soft will not provide adequate support, yet a firmer mattress does not always imply a more supportive mattress. A substantial mattress can be unsupportive if it does not accommodate your spine’s natural curve.

Consider your weight and favorite sleeping position when determining the optimal firmness. If you need extra support, instead of raising the firmness of your mattress past this point, consider a bed with a robust support system, such as an ergonomically zoned hybrid mattress.


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