How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress Top Full Guide 2022

How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress? Top Full Guide 2022

Finding the hole may seem daunting if you have an air mattress that needs repair. However, with a little bit of patience and some household supplies, you can patch up your mattress in no time.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to find a hole in an air mattress.

Inspect The Valves

Check the valves before checking for a possible hole in the air mattress. This will help you save a lot of time. Ensure that each valve plug is completely inserted into the valve stem.

Some valves have two locking positions. When the valve is put within the mattress, it locks, and when the valve plug is pushed into the stem, it adds a second layer of protection. Make sure the stem is inserted into the mattress.

Also, look around the stem for any tears at the base that could be causing the leak. You won’t be able to repair the valve if it is damaged. Continue if the valve plug has been fitted into the stem and the stem has been pushed into the mattress.

Method 1: Using Soapy Water

Dish soap, a tried-and-true approach for locating holes in pool floaties, is still one of the most effective ways to identify a hole in an inflatable. Fill a spray bottle halfway with water and add a few drops of dish soap. The dish soap thickens the solution, allowing it to stick to the mattress’s surface long enough for you to locate the leak.

Start with the areas of the mattress that are most likely to leak. Check for leaks around the valve, then go on to the seams before finishing the rest of the mattress. Mark the position of the leak with a permanent marker or a piece of duct tape once you’ve found it.

how to find a hole in an air bed

Visually inspect the air mattress

Although it may seem simple, visually examining the air mattress is one of the most effective ways to detect a leak. Before you begin your inspection, make sure it is properly inflated. When the mattress is increased, the force on the material causes even minor pinholes to open, making them more visible.

To make it simpler to spot any holes, conduct your check in a well-lit area. Use a flashlight if necessary to improve visibility.

In your search, be methodical. To avoid missing any areas, start with one end of the mattress and work your way through portions. Feel for escaping air with your fingers. Leaks frequently originate at seams, so inspect each one thoroughly. Once you’ve found the leak, make a permanent note on it with a permanent marker.

Plunge your mattress into the water

Submerging a mattress is one of the most effective methods for locating a difficult-to-find leak, but it’s also time-consuming. First, examine the mattress’s label to ensure that submerging it in water would not harm the material or seams. Only half inflate the bed, as fully inflating it will make submerging harder.

how to find a hole in a air mattress

If you have access to a big body of water, such as a pool, submerge the mattress entirely and look for bubbles, which indicate air escaping. Use a bathtub if there isn’t a pool available. Begin by dipping the valve and squeezing the mattress to push air out of it.

Look for any bubbles. Submerge it in small pieces if the valve fails, which will make it simpler to notice telltale bubbles. Keep a watchful check on an air mattress’s weakest point: the seams.

Method 2: Use The Garden Hose

Place the mattress outside on a flat surface on a table, deck, patio, or driveway. Saturate the mattress in small areas with a garden hose and a sprayer, starting with the valve. After hosing down the site, look for any bubbles in the water before it flows off it. Any bubbles indicate that air flows from the bed, indicating a leak.

While these methods will aid in detecting a leak, you may avoid the aggravation of a leaky air mattress by taking care to prevent harm. When using it, don’t overinflate it.

This will increase the likelihood of a tear by putting additional pressure on the seams. When putting up an mattress, look around for sharp items. Make use of bedding. Sharp objects and pet claws are protected by layers of sheets, blankets, and pads.

Method 3: The Tissue Paper Trick

You’ll need a piece of tissue paper for this (foil, single-ply paper towels, toilet paper, or a napkin can work as well)

Inflate your mattress in a quiet location with plenty of room to move around and flip it over. Take your tissue and place it flat on the surface area, starting at one end. Apply pressure all over the mattress to direct air to the region where you’re working.

Slowly move the tissue over the entire bed, starting with the corners and seams, where leaks are most likely to occur. Listen for a faint hissing sound and keep an eye out for any air disturbance in the tissue.

Make sure to cover the top, bottom, and sides, as well as the sides. You should be able to hear the slight sound of air striking the paper if the tissue is placed over the leak. It’s possible that if your leak is large enough, the tissue will shift.

Patch the leak on the air mattress you’ve discovered. If you don’t have a patch, use a piece of tape or a marker to mark the hole. This will allow you to detect the leak and repair it afterward quickly.

Method 4: Weighing Down, Using Weights A Slow And Sure

Weighing down on an inflatable mattress hole is a tiresome method of detecting one. The technique is laying a paperweight or a book on a piece of it and measuring its deflating rate.

If the mattress deflates quickly, the hole will be located near the weight. This strategy, in my opinion, is tedious and requires patience because it is unlikely that you would achieve rapid success.

Avoid putting too much weight on the air bed since the air will escape and cause it to rupture.

Weighing Down, Using Weights A Slow And Sure

Method 5: Use Baby Powder

The baby powder method entails applying a layer of powder to the air mattress. When air escapes from a hole, it forms a cloud in the surrounding region.

To make it easier to spot the cloud formation, gradually add more air to the mattress. This is the stenchiest and messiest method of the bunch. You’ve been given a fair warning.

Now That You’ve Discovered An Air Leak, What’s Next?

So you’ve tried one of the methods for finding a leak in an air mattress listed above. So, what’s next? Mark the position of the leak with a small piece of insulation tape or a permanent marker once you’ve found it.

Make sure the metal end of the pen does not penetrate it again. After that, let the mattresses dry entirely before deflating it.

how to find a hole in air mattress

Patching the hole is the final stage in the repair process. A tiny seal that adheres to the surface should be considered.

Any quality outdoor or hardware store will sell you a mattress repair kit. I’ve even used a tire repair kit on my bicycle. Stick whatever patch you want on top of the hole and make sure the area around it is dry and clean the mattress.

It ensures that the seal is not broken. Fill up the air mattress after the repair to see if the leakage problem has gone away.

Tips To Avoid When Finding Holes In Air Your Mattress

  • Use no corrosive materials on your inflatable mattress that will cause it to become acidic.
  • Try not to use a moisturizer or anything sticky to substitute for soap. They have the potential to harm. After your investigation, you’ll be left with a sticky or slippery air mattress.
  • The best solutions are those that elegantly and cleanly handle the problem.

Tips To Avoid When Finding Holes In Air Your Mattress

Purists claim that sleeping on the ground is how nature intended camping. My spine tends to disagree with me.

When I’m well-rested from a good night’s sleep, I always seem to attack a full day of camping activities with greater vigor. If you can spend a little more money and acquire an air mattress, we highly recommend it and wish you many happy camping excursions.

If not, return here for more information on discovering a hole in an air mattress. We’ve got your back.


Is it possible for an air mattress to lose air but not have a hole?

Overloading can result in “no-hole-deflation.”

Make sure you don’t exceed your bed’s maximum weight capacity. Also, regardless of whether people are sleeping or sitting on the mattress, it will not develop a slow leak if the weight requirement is met.

Why is my air mattress suddenly deflating?

It deflate overnight because of their construction, the temperature, and the pressure applied to the mattress. There is no such thing as it that is completely airtight.

You’ll lose a tiny quantity of air just by laying down, so it needs some breathing area. The nighttime temperature is lower than the daytime temperature.

FAQs How To Find A Hole In An Air Mattress

What is the best way to keep my air mattress from deflating?

Monitor the room temperature, do not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your mattresses, pay attention to any signs of air loss, do not over-inflate it, let the material spread out, and avoid sitting on the mattress’s edge. Keep it away from heat sources…



It’s not the most straightforward task to find a hole in an air mattress. However, it is possible if you have patience and some household supplies. With a little bit of know-how, you will be able to patch up your mattress quickly. Repopny hopes this article was helpful to you!

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