How To Patch An Air Mattress Top Full Guide 2022

How To Patch An Air Mattress? Top Full Guide 2022

If you’ve got an air mattress that needs repair, you’re lucky. Patching an air mattress is a relatively straightforward process that can be done with a few household items.

In this article, Repopny will show you how to patch an air mattress using a simple technique that anyone can do.

How to Repair a Deflated Air Mattress

A few simple techniques and materials are required to repair an air mattress. After you’ve gathered everything you’ll need, follow these steps:

1. Find the hole.

2. Wipe down the work surface

3. Fill up the gap

4. Apply pressure and wait for it to dry.

5. Put the seal to the test

While some of these stages appear straightforward, others are more difficult. For example, it’s not always easy to notice a tiny hole in an leaky air mattress. The hole must be patched with care and patience. Overall, you can repair your air mattresses and sleep comfortably on it again by following these procedures.

How to Repair a Deflated Air Mattress

Materials and Equipment You’ll Require

Dish soap or detergent can be used to clean the area to be patched and locate the leak.

  • Sponge or Cleaning Towel: To clean the entire mattress, dampen the sponge or towel. It also comes in handy when trying to locate the hole.
  • Tissue: A single tissue or paper towel placed on the mattress will help you detect escaping air.
  • Patch Kit from the Manufacturer: Many air mattresses come with a patch kit. These air mattress patch kits usually include an adhesive, an applicator, and patches that match the material of it.
  • Other Patch Kit: If it didn’t come with a patch kit or can’t find it, you can buy one online or at a brick-and-mortar store. The basic materials in these kits are the same as in the manufacturer’s kit. Consider purchasing a repair kit that matches the fabric and color of your air bed.

how do i patch an air mattress

If you aren’t utilizing a kit, you will need to make a patch out of thin plastic material. A shower curtain liner or other tough plastic will do the trick.

If you’re not using a diy patch kit, you’ll also need hot glue. Consider using a solid adhesive, particularly one designed for plastic or dries airtight.

After putting the patch, place this flat, heavy object on the mattress to allow the patch to cure and attach. Use a book or a box filled with heavy goods as a container.

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Step 1: Find the Holes

It’s sometimes easy to tell whether they is leaking and air mattresses tend lose air , but finding the hole can be tough. There are a few things you may do to find the air mattress leak.

First, inflate the damaged air mattress by laying it flat on the ground. Visually inspect it once it has been inflated for any damage. If you notice any scuffs or tears, place your hand over the region and feel for too much air escaping to establish the leak’s location. Check the seams and air intake regions, as these are popular places for holes to form.

If there are no visible problems, run your fingers over the entire mattress’s surface to see if any air is escaping. Then, with your ear pushed against the surface of the mattress, lie down. Keep an ear out for the noises of an air leak.

A single tissue or paper towel is used in the following method. Place the tissue on the air mattress’s surface, starting in one corner. Then gently press down on the mattress and blow air in that direction.

Carry on with this procedure by moving the tissue about the mattress and sending air toward it. If the tissue rises, you know there’s an air leak nearby.

Finally, there’s the soapy water approach. You’ll need a damp sponge or cloth, as well as a light cleanser, for this. Apply the cleaner to the sponge and rub it together to create soap bubbles. Then wipe the sponge over one region of the mattress, press down, and blow air into it. You’ll know you’ve discovered the hole if you witness expanding air bubbles.

Step 2: Wipe Down the Surface

It’s best to clean the surface before applying the patch and hot glue gun. Moisten the area around the leak using a wet cleaning cloth. Then, gently scrub the surface with the cloth using a gentle cleanser such as mix a few drops dish soap with water or detergent.

After rinsing the cloth, use it to wipe the soap from the mattress. Before attempting to patch the hole, let the surface air dry thoroughly.

how to patch air matress

Step 3: Fill Up the Gap

If you’re using a manufacturer’s or third-party patch kit, follow the manufacturer’s or third-party patch kit’s directions for patching the hole.

The first step in repairing a leak with household items is to deflate the mattress. Place it on a level surface with a hole in the center. Using the plastic material, make a patch. The patch should be large enough to cover the hole plus a half-inch of plastic around it.

Apply a coat of adhesive to the patch’s outer edge. Carefully press the patch onto the surface, covering the hole entirely. Ensure no adhesive seeps through the hole and onto the mattress’s bottom layer, as this could result in a new hole the next time you inflate the mattress.

How To Patch An Air Mattress

Step 4: Apply Pressure and Wait for It to Cure

It’s crucial to apply pressure and give the patch time to set if you want it to stay in place. Place a flat object on the patched area, such as a hefty book or box.

This prevents the patch from slipping and ensures that the adhesive adheres to the surface completely. Ensure there is no excess glue around the patch’s edges, as this could cause the mattress to stick to the heavy object.

Allow 8 hours for the air mattress to cure before removing the heavy object and inspecting the patch.

Step 5: Put the Seal to the Test

The next step is to test the tight seal once the patch has been applied and has had time to adhere. This will ensure that the leak is fixed and that mattress does not deflate the next time you use it.

Inflate the mattress completely. Place inflatable bed on the ground and press down on it to force air into the patch. Any departing air should be felt or heard. Whether the seal appears to be tight, try lying down on the mattress for a few minutes to observe if it starts to deflate. If the hole does not appear to be leaking air, it has been repaired.

If air escapes from the patch, try to remove it and then repeat Steps 2 through 5. You may have a second hole if the patch appears secure, but the mattress continues to lose air. Begin at the beginning to detect and air mattress repair the second leak.

how to patch air mattress


  • First, look for frequent problems like seams, bulging chambers, or broken vinyl near the built in pump.
  • Patching near seams can be done with the same procedures. However, they are frequently more challenging to match patches to. Apply more adhesive and trim the patch to fit.

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Without a patch kit, how do you repair an air mattress?

Finally, use duct tape if you don’t have any super glue, rubber cement on hand and need to patch a hole in an air mattress without a patch kit. Apply a piece to the degreased surface that is large enough to cover the puncture and some space around it.

What is the best way to repair a deflated air mattress?

Deflate the air mattress entirely and close it. Ensure that the leaking area is clean and dry. Adjust the mattress to fully exposed the leaky region on a flat surface. Apply the patch to the afflicted area, ensuring that it covers the leak on all sides by at least half an inch.

best way to patch up an air mattress

What can I do at home to repair my air mattress?

Using the plastic material, make a patch. The patch should be large enough to cover the hole plus a half-inch of plastic around it. Apply a coat of adhesive to the patch’s outer edge. Carefully press the patch onto the surface, covering the hole entirely.



This article about how to patch mattress was just what you needed to get started. You now know that air mattresses can be patched and repaired at home without spending a ton of money or going to the professionals.

Next time you need to patch an air mattress, why not do it yourself?

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