“Wendell & Wild”: A Promising Film with High-Profile Talent

“Wendell & Wild” is an upcoming stop-motion animated comedy-horror film produced by Netflix and directed by Henry Selick, the man behind classics such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Coraline.” The movie features the voices of Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who previously worked together on the hit sketch comedy series “Key & Peele.” The film follows two demon brothers, Wendell and Wild, who must face off against their arch-nemesis, Sister Helly, in order to save their home.

The film has generated a lot of buzz since its announcement, thanks in part to the high-profile talent involved. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at “Wendell & Wild,” examining its story, animation, performances, and overall impact on the industry.

Story: The story of “Wendell & Wild” is both simple and complex at the same time. On the surface, it’s a story of two demon brothers who are trying to save their home from destruction. But as the film progresses, it becomes clear that there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface. There are elements of sibling rivalry, family dynamics, and even social commentary. The film explores themes of gentrification, class struggle, and the corrupting influence of power.

One of the strengths of the film is its ability to balance these various themes without ever feeling preachy or heavy-handed. The story flows naturally and organically, and each element is introduced and developed in a way that feels natural and seamless.

Animation: As expected from a film directed by Henry Selick, the stop-motion animation in “Wendell & Wild” is top-notch. The characters are all beautifully designed, with unique personalities and quirks. The backgrounds and environments are also stunning, with a lot of attention paid to detail and texture.

The animation style is a perfect fit for the film’s tone, which is both dark and comedic. There are moments of horror and violence, but they’re always balanced out by moments of humor and levity. The animation also allows for some truly creative and imaginative visuals, such as the demon brothers traveling through various dimensions and encountering strange creatures.

Performances: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are both fantastic in their roles as Wendell and Wild, respectively. They bring a lot of personality and energy to their performances, and their chemistry is undeniable. The supporting cast is also strong, with standout performances from Rosario Dawson as Sister Helly and Benedict Wong as the duo’s mentor, the Great Shaman.

Overall Impact: “Wendell & Wild” is an important film for a few reasons. For one, it marks the return of Henry Selick to feature filmmaking, which is a big deal for fans of stop-motion animation. It also continues the trend of Netflix investing in high-quality animation projects, following in the footsteps of hits such as “Klaus” and “The Willoughbys.”

But perhaps most importantly, “Wendell & Wild” represents a step forward for representation in animation. The film features a predominantly Black cast, which is still a rarity in mainstream animation. It also explores themes of gentrification and class struggle, which are relevant and important issues in today’s society.

Conclusion: Overall, “Wendell & Wild” is a fantastic film that should appeal to fans of both horror and comedy. The story is engaging and thoughtful, the animation is stunning, and the performances are top-notch. It’s a great addition to the growing canon of stop-motion animated films and a promising sign for the future of animation in general. Highly recommended.

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