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This blog follows the story of Rain, a young girl who grew up in an orphanage and was later adopted by a wealthy family, the Morgans. Despite initial challenges with the family’s daughter, Emily, Rain goes on a personal journey of self-discovery, learning the importance of connection, empathy, and personal growth.

What was Rain’s life like in the orphanage?

Rain spent her entire childhood in the orphanage, longing for a family of her own. Her mother, though unable to care for her full-time, would visit occasionally, captivating everyone with her wild stories and eccentric outfits. Despite her mother’s unconventional behavior, Rain was respected and admired by the other children in the orphanage. She shared a special bond with her friend Leo, and together they held a position of authority and influence among their peers.

How did Rain and Leo become the “bosses” of the orphanage?

Leo and Rain naturally assumed leadership roles in the orphanage, commanding respect and instilling a sense of fear among the other children. Their mere presence would silence the room, and everyone knew to make way for them. Their authority was demonstrated when a group of children celebrating their good grades with a cake promptly offered them the entire cake upon Leo and Rain’s approach. The respect and admiration they garnered from their peers positioned them as the de facto leaders of the orphanage.

How did Rain and Leo end up being adopted by the Morgan family?

After being called into the warden’s office, we were informed that the wealthy Morgan family wanted to adopt both Leo and me. Initially, I hesitated, worried that Leo might prefer the new sister over me. However, I eventually agreed, realizing that being adopted together was our dream come true. When the Morgans came to meet us, they were incredibly nice and welcoming, and Leo was particularly starstruck by them. Despite feeling a bit uneasy about their daughter’s absence, we eagerly embraced the opportunity to join the Morgan family, which marked the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

What was Rain’s first impression of the Morgans’ daughter, Emily?

As Emily returned a week before school started, I was taken aback by her appearance and her snobby demeanor, which immediately rubbed me the wrong way. Our initial interaction was strained, with Emily displaying a dismissive attitude towards both me and Leo. Despite my efforts to encourage a positive dynamic, she made it clear that she had no interest in forming a bond with us. Emily’s behavior left me feeling frustrated and resentful, setting the stage for a challenging dynamic between us.

How did Rain and Leo try to assert their dominance over Emily?

Rain and Leo were determined to show Emily that they were not to be underestimated. They started by pulling pranks and undermining her authority in their new home, using tactics to assert their dominance and make it clear that they were a force to be reckoned with.

The Laptop Incident

During a weekend when the Morgans were out, Rain seized the opportunity to make a statement. She took Emily’s laptop and threw it into the swimming pool, confronting her and making it clear that they were in this together, whether she liked it or not.

Ongoing Pranks

Following the laptop incident, Rain continued to assert her dominance by pranking Emily, from hiding her favorite shoes to replacing her shampoo with green hair dye. Each prank was a deliberate act to show Emily that she wasn’t the boss of their new home, yet Emily remained unfazed and did not retaliate.

How did Rain’s relationship with Leo change after he helped Emily?

After Leo helped Emily by sabotaging Rain’s plan, their relationship took a turn for the worse. Despite Leo’s repeated apologies, Rain was adamant about not forgiving him, leading to a rift in their once strong bond. Rain’s refusal to reconcile with Leo and her growing resentment towards him strained their relationship, causing a significant shift in their dynamic.

How did Rain try to get back at Emily?

Rain devised various schemes to get back at Emily, including pranks and manipulative tactics. Despite her initial attempts at undermining Emily, Rain eventually shifted her approach, opting to befriend Emily with the intention of gaining her trust and later manipulating her. However, her deceptive actions continued as she pretended to lose a precious necklace, creating a ruse to cause further distress for Emily.

What happened when Rain’s plan was discovered?

When Rain’s plan to get back at Emily was uncovered, it led to a dramatic confrontation that unfolded in front of a crowd. Emily’s laptop, a precious possession to her, was thrown into the swimming pool by Rain. This act of retaliation against Emily’s dismissive behavior resulted in a public spectacle, drawing the attention of the principal and causing Emily to face serious consequences. The situation escalated, ultimately leading to a significant turning point in Rain’s life.

How did Rain’s time living with her biological mother change her perspective?

Living with her biological mother brought about unexpected changes in Rain’s perspective. Initially feeling apprehensive about the transition, Rain found herself reflecting on her experiences and learning valuable lessons from her mother’s journey. Through conversations with her mother, Rain gained a deeper understanding of the importance of connection, kindness, and acceptance. She began to see her mother in a new light, acknowledging her growth and realizing that change and personal growth are possible at any stage in life. This pivotal time with her biological mother prompted Rain to reassess her own actions, leading to a transformative realization and a desire for reconciliation with her adoptive family.