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Reviews of Payoneer :


  • Over the years they have improved the user experience greatly. Over time they have been securing more and more partnerships in my country of residence which is always great.

  • My overall experience with the Payoneer app is good because it helps me to receive my payments in a easy way and I can wait to withdraw my money when I want.

  • Payoneer also has free resources, books and surveys findings to help me do more, which I absolutely love. All in all, Payoneer is a nifty software to get started with international online payments.

  • What impressed me the most was the convenience of opening an account and having access to the Global Payment Service. The platform is easy to use, secure and fast for transactions.



“Very low fees, more features and easy to setup.”
Overall: Besides of my Job, I am doing Freelancing and other micro jobs in the same field(News and Media Production) and Payoneer is helping me to receive payments very easily. I have found Payoneer to be much cheaper as compared to its competitors. The payments get settled in my local Bank account automatically without much delay.
Pros: The best thing about Payoneer is its very low fees compared to its competitors. The process of setting up Payoneer has been simplified in last few years, it now requires very less user information and becomes ready to receive payments. Payoneer provides virtual bank accounts of several popular currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, HKD etc. to receive payments from other businesses. I can simply give my Bank account details like Account Number, Routing number and Bank Name to receive payments from my freelancing and side business. Also, Payoneer can be integrated with several other platforms to receive payments. The best thing is the payments get settled in my Bank account in my local currency next day.
“Payoneer: The best software “
Overall: I like Payoneer. Thanks to it, I can receive my money for work on foreign platforms (and most of these platforms use it), in addition, I can be sure that my bank details are safe. The $20 fee is fair, in my opinion. And the more I use it, the more I like the non-bureaucratic ease of using the app.
Pros: I definitely love Payoneer, because thanks to it I can receive payments from foreign companies in a more secure and non-bureaucratic way, as Payoneer is simple to use. The website/app interface is uncomplicated and intuitive, making it easy for a layman like me to use. And payments have a small fee, which makes it more advantageous than other platforms.
“My Number 1 Choice Recieving/Sending money!”
Overall: Step by Step Payoneer became my Main and only way to recieve money and make online payments.
Pros: It’s easy to use , you don’t have to go to a physical agency to create an account and get your card you can do everything online , it’s fast and secure.

How To Create Payoneer Account & Approve Within 1 Day