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My Fight to Save My Hometown

Natasha, a young woman from a small scenic village in Croatia, finds herself caught in a battle to save her hometown from a controversial dam project. As she navigates the complexities of activism, friendship, and family secrets, she discovers the power of love and determination to make a real difference.

How Did You Get Involved in the Dam Activism?

After witnessing the detrimental impact of the dam on our beautiful valley, I became involved with an activist group aiming to address the environmental and social consequences caused by the dam. It was a pivotal moment that sparked my passion for activism and drove me to take a stand for what I believe in.

Discovering the Activist Group

Attending a meeting of the activist group opened my eyes to the extent of the damage caused by the dam. It was a turning point that compelled me to take action and join forces with like-minded individuals dedicated to making a positive change in our community.

How Did You and Luca Meet?

Luca and I met unexpectedly when he caught me trying to upload something to the dam system. Despite the initial tension, we quickly formed a bond as we navigated the complexities of activism and the challenges we faced. Our shared dedication to protecting the valley brought us closer, and we began to trust each other more and more.

How Did Your Mom React to You Liking Luca?

My mom’s intuition led her to suspect my feelings for Luca, noticing my daydreaming and drawings. When she finally confronted me about it, I tried to deny it, but she insisted on meeting him before I could consider dating. During their first meeting, Mom interrogated Luca, making it clear that she was keeping a close eye on him. Despite the initial tension, Luca and my mom eventually found common ground, easing her concerns about our relationship.

What Happened When Tanya Came Back?

Everything was fine until one day Tanya came back after being away for a month. Things got complicated when Tanya and Luca met each other for the first time during her return. Tanya confronted us, accusing Luca of being the dam owner’s son and soon-to-be heir, which left me feeling betrayed and alone.

What Did Your Mom Suggest You Do?

My mom listened to my heartache and then suggested that I use what I know about Tanya and Luca to find out more about the new dam. She emphasized that we need information to stop it and encouraged me to stand up and fight, rather than dwell on the betrayal and the mess they caused.

What Happened When You Met with Luca?

When I met with Luca at a cafe, I expressed my concerns about the new dam project and urged him to help stop it. Despite my plea, Luca offered to get me a new house in town as a way out, emphasizing that it was a chance I should be grateful for. However, I refused to compromise and stood firm in protecting our home and valley, leading to a heated exchange where Luca’s true intentions were revealed.

How Did You and Tanya Work Together to Fight the Dam?

After the confrontation with Luca, I reconnected with Tanya, and together, we took proactive steps to fight against the dam project. We organized protests, initiated a viral social media campaign, and gathered signatures for a petition. Additionally, we held community meetings, gained media coverage, and rallied support to protect our Valley. Despite facing the possibility of evacuation and offers of alternative housing, we remained resolute in our fight to save our beloved Valley from the impending dam project.

What Shocking Secret Did Your Grandmother Reveal?

During my visit to the hospital, my grandmother dropped a bombshell on me. She revealed that my dad, whom I thought had left our family for love, was actually involved in building the dam. She disclosed that he had invested in the dam and had become a wealthy businessman living in the city. This shocking revelation left me reeling, realizing that I was not just fighting against big greedy companies, but also against my own father, who had chosen money over his family.

What Happened When You Confronted Tanya?

When I confronted Tanya at her place, I overheard her talking to Luca’s dad and making plans to ensure that I backed off. Feeling betrayed and hurt, I confronted her about her actions. Tanya admitted that she felt compelled to act that way because Luca’s dad had threatened her family. However, I insisted that we could have faced the situation together and that giving up was not the solution. Despite her urging me to leave town and accept defeat, I remained determined to fight against the odds.