Mom Woke Up From Coma After 2 Years – MSA Animation stories

In this captivating blog, we follow the extraordinary journey of two sisters, Claire and Meredith, as they navigate a world of daring cons, elaborate schemes, and a mother’s unexpected awakening from a coma. Join us as we uncover the thrilling and often morally ambiguous path they traverse, uncovering the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

How Did It All Begin?

It all started when we visited Mom at the hospital and I managed to retrieve her file along with another patient’s file. With some expert Photoshop skills, we created duplicate copies to ensure Mom was chosen for the treatment. Despite knowing it was wrong and illegal, I didn’t feel like a criminal as I walked away.

Retrieving the Files

During our visit to the hospital, I seized the opportunity to retrieve Mom’s file and another patient’s file.

Creating Duplicate Copies

We used our Photoshop skills to create duplicate copies of the files, complete with the hospital seal and signatures, to ensure Mom was selected for the treatment.

Moral Dilemma

Despite being fully aware of the illegality of our actions, I didn’t feel like a criminal as I left the hospital.

The Coma Ward Chaos

As I was walking down the hospital corridor, Meredith came running towards us with unbelievable news – Mom had awakened from her coma. The chaos that ensued in the coma ward was something I never expected.

Mom’s Awakening

Meredith excitedly informed us that Mom was finally awake, and we rushed to her room to find her in a wild state, fighting off the doctors.

Chaos in the Coma Ward

Upon reaching Mom’s room, we were met with a chaotic scene as she confronted the doctors with wild eyes and a fierce demeanor.

Surviving on Hospital Supplies

After Mom entered the clinical trial and showed signs of progress, we had to manage on our own. We quickly learned to survive by taking advantage of the hospital’s abundant supplies. We never had to worry about buying everyday essentials like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or even snacks. We also managed to procure useful items like bed sheets, towels, and batteries, ensuring our comfort and convenience.

The Con Artist Lifestyle Takes Hold

After high school, Meredith and I returned to our conning ways. We justified our actions by convincing ourselves that we had no other choice. However, there was an undeniable thrill in outwitting others and getting away with it. Our cons began small, but soon escalated to elaborate schemes, such as selling fake tickets to events or posing as part of a TV show crew. We even delved into creating fake success stories on an Instagram matchmaking business account, which garnered us clients and a significant income. Despite the eventual exposure of our fraudulent activities, we continued to explore new cons, including a wedding planner service, with varying degrees of success.

Becoming Travel Bloggers and Influencers

After our previous ventures went bust, we pivoted to become travel bloggers and influencers. Leveraging our substantial following, we secured complimentary stays at luxurious hotels in exchange for promotional reviews. Despite the transient nature of our endeavors, we relished the opulent lifestyle and indulged in lavish accommodations and fine dining experiences.

Living the High Life

With our sizable fake following, we enjoyed complimentary stays at exclusive hotels, relishing in luxurious amenities and elaborate room service orders.

Constantly on the Move

To evade detection, we constantly changed our appearances and locations, maintaining a precarious existence as we navigated from one place to another.

Mom Wakes Up, but Doesn’t Remember Them

After two years of evading scrutiny and reveling in our transient lifestyle, our mother finally awoke from her coma. However, to our dismay, she exhibited no recollection of being our mother, instead recalling her childhood in Russia. The doctors expressed uncertainty regarding the recovery of her memories, leaving us grappling with the profound loss of her recognition.

A Heartbreaking Reunion

Despite our excitement at her awakening, our joy was overshadowed by the realization that she had no memory of us. Our attempts to jog her memory with photographs proved futile, as she remained entrenched in her distant past.

Scheming to Secure Mom’s Future

As we sat in a cafe, Meredith proposed a brilliant plan to secure Mom’s future by orchestrating a romantic connection between Mom and our neighbor, Arthur. With Arthur’s wealth, we saw an opportunity to ensure Mom’s financial stability and well-being for life. We quickly set the plan in motion, photoshopping numerous pictures to fabricate a romantic history between Mom and Arthur.

Arthur’s Willingness

Surprisingly, Arthur readily agreed to play along with our scheme, even going as far as purchasing a lavish emerald ring and participating in staging romantic moments with Mom.

Mom’s Belief in the Fabricated Romance

Our plan succeeded as Mom began to believe in the fabricated romance and expressed a strong connection to Arthur, paving the way for a grand wedding in Arthur’s garden.

The Disastrous Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony, orchestrated by Meredith and me, took an unexpected turn as the chaotic events unfolded, leading to a series of mishaps that threatened to derail the entire affair.

An Interrupted Vow

During the ceremony, a startling revelation caused a disruption, leading to a chaotic moment that brought the proceedings to a halt.

Pigeon Pandemonium

Suddenly, a cage of pigeons meant for a post-ceremony release turned aggressive, causing chaos as they attacked the guests, resulting in a flurry of feathers and commotion.

Revealing the Truth to Mom

After Mom’s awakening, we were faced with the daunting task of revealing the truth about her mysterious past. We showed her the fake passports, IDs, and the laptop, leaving her stunned and bewildered. As we grappled with the uncertainty of her identity and potential ties to criminal activities, we were determined to uncover the truth behind her enigmatic history.

A Heartfelt Revelation

Confronted with the possibility of her past involving espionage or criminal endeavors, we urged Mom to keep a low profile and refrain from risking a return to Russia until her memories resurfaced or we obtained concrete information from the laptop.

Mom’s Emotional Response

Amidst tears and uncertainty, we comforted Mom as she grappled with the weight of her unknown past, all while striving to maintain composure and proceed with the orchestrated wedding.

Freddy’s Unrequited Love

During a poignant encounter with Freddy, he professed his enduring love for me, expressing a desire for a deeper romantic connection. Despite his unwavering affection, I remained steadfast in my decision, acknowledging our profound friendship while gently declining his impassioned plea for a romantic relationship.

A Heartfelt Confession

Freddy’s earnest plea for a chance at love left me grappling with the delicate balance of preserving our cherished friendship while navigating his unrequited romantic sentiments.

Navigating Uncharted Emotions

Faced with Freddy’s heartfelt declaration and his vision of a conventional life, I found myself contemplating the stark contrast between our divergent aspirations and desires, ultimately acknowledging the irreconcilable differences between us.

The Downward Spiral of Cons

As our notoriety in the underground world grew, so did our involvement in increasingly risky cons and fraudulent activities. We dabbled in a variety of illicit schemes, from forging signatures and creating counterfeit money to stealing credit card information and hacking. Despite the initial allure of wealth and luxury, the constant need for deception and the ever-present threat of legal repercussions took a toll on my well-being.

The Allure of the Con Artist Lifestyle

Initially, the allure of easy money, luxurious living, and the thrill of outsmarting others captivated me, leading to a spiral of increasingly audacious cons and fraudulent activities.

The Toll of Deception

Living a life of constant deceit and the fear of being caught began to wear me down, leaving me exhausted and disillusioned with the glamorous facade of the con artist lifestyle.

  • Forging signatures and creating counterfeit money
  • Stealing credit card information and hacking
  • The constant need for deception and looking over my shoulder