I’m The King Of The School – MSA Animation stories

The Unlikely Friendship that Saved a Dream

In this heartwarming story, we follow the journey of Carson, a quirky and misunderstood high school student, as he navigates the challenges of bullying, self-doubt, and the pursuit of his friend’s dream. Through an unexpected wrestling match, Carson finds the courage to stand up for himself and his friend, ultimately leading to an inspiring outcome that changes the course of their lives.

How did Carson get into trouble in class?

Carson got into trouble in class by being distracted and making goofy faces, which led to the teacher calling him out for not paying attention and participating in the lesson.

Who is Diego and how does he treat Carson?

Diego is the captain of the wrestling team, the son of the coach, and a class bully. He mocks and belittles Carson, making him the target of his ridicule and mistreatment.

What happens when Carson tries to hide in the bathroom?

Carson tries to hide in the bathroom to avoid facing the humiliation of going back to class. He contemplates staying there for the rest of his life to escape the torment of Diego, the class bully. However, his friend Finn encourages him not to let Diego win and to face the situation.

How does Finn’s popularity and success compare to Carson’s?

Finn is depicted as being super popular, with girls hanging themselves on him like Christmas ornaments. He is also highly successful in wrestling, being the reason the wrestling team won the national championships. In contrast, Carson struggles with being misunderstood and faces mistreatment from bullies like Diego. Despite their differences, Finn remains a supportive friend to Carson, even though people don’t take the time to get to know him.

What does Diego do to try and ruin Finn’s opportunity?

Diego and his friends chase Carson on their bikes, attempting to humiliate him by taking embarrassing photos and harassing him. They corner Carson near the railroad tracks, where Diego tries to push Carson’s face into a pile of dog poop.

How does Mara stand up for Carson?

Mara, unbothered by others’ opinions, confronts Diego and defends Carson, emphasizing the importance of standing up for oneself and not letting insecurities become a target for bullies. Additionally, Finn intervenes, coming to Carson’s rescue like a superhero, standing up to Diego and protecting Carson from further harm.

What happens when Finn confronts Diego?

Finn stands up to Diego, refusing to let him bully Carson any longer. When Diego tries to humiliate Carson, Finn intervenes, defending his friend and standing up to Diego. In the heat of the moment, Finn ends up punching Diego, leading to a physical confrontation between the two.

How does Diego’s plan succeed in getting Finn kicked off the team?

Diego’s plan succeeds when he manipulates the situation by recording only the part where Finn hits him, making it seem like Finn attacked Diego out of jealousy. The edited video is presented to the coach, leading to Finn’s expulsion from the team. Despite Finn’s attempts to explain the truth, the coach believes Diego’s version of the events, resulting in Finn’s removal from the team.

What does Carson decide to do to try and help Finn?

Feeling responsible for Finn’s expulsion from the wrestling team, Carson decides to challenge Diego, the captain of the wrestling team, to a wrestling match. He proposes that if he wins, Diego must admit the truth about what happened with Finn to the entire school.

How does Carson’s training with Mara go?

Carson convinces Mara, who initially disapproves of his plan, to train him for the wrestling match. Despite her reluctance, Mara agrees to train Carson, pushing him to his limits with rigorous training sessions. They train in the mornings, during lunch, after school, and even in the rain, with Mara pushing Carson to his physical and mental limits to prepare him for the upcoming match.