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Lola, a 17-year-old YouTube star, was struggling to keep her spot in the prestigious squad house, a place where famous influencers come together to create content. Faced with dwindling views and sponsors pulling out, Lola had to make a tough decision – stay true to herself or compromise her values for fame and fortune.

Lola’s Humble Beginnings: From Farm to YouTube

Hi, I’m Lola, a 17-year-old YouTube star. Unlike most influencers, I didn’t come from a rich family. My dad was a farmer, and we were barely scraping by. When my dad fell sick and couldn’t work, I took on a part-time waitress job to help out. It was during this time that a colleague introduced me to vlogging, and I was instantly hooked.

Discovering YouTube

I spent hours watching people on YouTube live their best lives, and when I found out the kind of money they made, I had to give it a shot. So, I saved up, bought a secondhand camera, and started recording.

Finding Success in Authenticity

My early videos didn’t gain much traction until I accidentally fell into a pig pen during a live stream. To my surprise, people loved it. I embraced the authenticity of my farm life, and soon, my videos of farm mishaps went viral, leading to my rise to fame on YouTube.

Lola’s Rise to Fame: Embracing the “Goofy Pig Pen Girl”

Staying in the squad house was a big deal for me. I had started making enough money to support my family through advertisements and brand endorsements. It was here that I met my best friend, Amy, who encouraged me to focus on something bigger than being known as the “goofy Pig Pen girl.”

Embracing Viral Fame

I made videos on being chased around by goats, almost getting kicked by a cow, cleaning horse poop, and more. Embracing my viral fame as the “goofy Pig Pen girl” allowed me to make enough money to support my family and eventually move into the squad house.

Transitioning to New Content

While my viral farm mishap videos were a hit, Amy encouraged me to transition to new content, focusing on broader topics like fashion and lifestyle, setting the stage for my evolution as a YouTube star.

Lola Meets Brett: The Charming but Manipulative Boyfriend

It was my first day at the new school when I literally crashed into Brett, a charming and good-looking senior. He recognized me from my viral farm animal videos and suggested we hang out, hinting that my followers would love to see a handsome new face on my channel. Despite warnings from my best friend Amy about Brett’s reputation, I found myself drawn to his charm and attention. Soon after, we were dating, and I became his plus one at exclusive events, basking in the dreamy limelight of being with him.

Brett’s Smooth Facade

Initially, Brett appeared to be the perfect boyfriend, showering me with attention and taking me to glamorous events. My followers loved seeing our life together, and we were dubbed as “couple goals.” However, beneath his charming exterior, Brett’s true colors began to emerge, leading to a toxic dynamic in our relationship.

The Manipulative Traits

  • Controlling Dietary Habits
  • Undermining Self-Confidence
  • Monopolizing Vlogs

Brett started dictating what I should eat, criticizing my appearance, and eventually took over my vlogs, shifting the focus from my life to his own vanity and self-promotion. His manipulative behavior and desire for control became increasingly apparent, and it was evident that our relationship was taking a detrimental toll on my personal and professional life.

Lola’s Fallout with Brett: Losing Sponsors and Followers

After Brett publicly announced our breakup, my followers started dwindling, and to make matters worse, my sponsors were pulling out their campaigns, citing Brett’s absence as the reason. I attempted to reach out to Brett, but he had already left for a fitness boot camp, leaving me in a precarious situation. The deals I had lined up for the next two months were dependent on his involvement, and now I was at a loss for what to do.

Amy’s Advice: Finding a New Boyfriend to Save Lola’s Channel

My best friend, Amy, suggested that I didn’t need Brett to salvage my channel. She reminded me of how much my followers loved me when I first started dating Brett and proposed that I find a new boyfriend to reignite the interest of my audience. She mentioned that Colin Angel, the top YouTuber, would be visiting the squad house soon and encouraged me to use my charm to win him over. Although I was skeptical, Amy was adamant that this was the solution to my problems, assuring me that Brett would soon be a thing of the past.

Lola’s Attempts to Impress Colin: The Top YouTuber

From the moment I laid eyes on Colin, I knew I had to make a lasting impression. I went to great lengths to catch his attention, from stalking his social media to trying to impress him with thoughtful gestures. Despite numerous attempts, it seemed like nothing I did was working.

Winning Over Colin

My initial attempts to impress Colin were met with unexpected challenges. From trying to engage in conversation to offering him cupcakes from his favorite bakery, nothing seemed to resonate with him. It felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t break through his initial reservations.

A Memorable Connection

However, it wasn’t until a chance encounter in the common room that things took a turn. Our genuine conversation and shared experiences led to a deeper connection, ultimately paving the way for a meaningful relationship to blossom.

Lola’s Guilt and Dilemma: Confessing the Truth to Colin

Lola was torn between her guilt and the dilemma of confessing the truth to Colin. Despite her affection for him, she couldn’t shake off the feeling of dishonesty. Amy, on the other hand, advised against revealing the truth, emphasizing the need for more content and higher numbers for Lola’s channel. However, the weight of the lie became unbearable, and Lola found herself unable to keep deceiving Colin.

Conflicting Advice

Lola’s internal struggle intensified as she grappled with the moral dilemma of confessing her true intentions to Colin. The conflict between her genuine feelings for him and the fear of potential repercussions created a turbulent emotional state.

The Decision to Confess

Despite Amy’s advice, Lola made the courageous decision to come clean to Colin. The internal turmoil and the desire for authenticity propelled her to confront the truth, setting the stage for a pivotal moment in her journey.

Lola’s Epiphany: Choosing Authenticity Over Popularity

After the fallout with Brett and the realization of losing herself in the pursuit of fame, Lola made a pivotal decision to prioritize her authenticity over popularity. This marked a significant turning point in her journey as she embraced the courage to stay true to herself, despite the allure of external validation.